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Large Area Laser Screed Floors

Using the Laser Screed machine, Stanford is able to pour up to 2,500m2 per day with each of its highly skilled installation teams. Stanford uses the Stan AA steel joint arris protection system to minimise damage to the main day joints and provide a durable floor system for many years to come. Floors constructed include:

Floors constructed include:

  • FM1 and FM2 Special
  • DM1, DM2 and Superflat
  • Pile Supported
  • Joint Free pours

High Tolerance Defined Movement Floors

As the Laser Screed machine has dominated floor construction since the 1990s, Stanford has developed construction techniques that meet even the highest surface regularity requirements traditionally constructed using slow and laborious long strip methods.
Stanford has successfully installed floors using the Laser Screed to FM1, the tightest category for general (Free Movement) traffic in speculative buildings where VNA racking locations are unknown at the time of construction.
Floors that have achieved DM1 (Appendix C) and Superflat (Chapter 4) to TR34 2003 have also been constructed in this manner bringing all the advantages of Large Area Laser Screed construction to the high tolerance high performance end user.

Pile Supported Floors

Brownfield sites sometimes necessitate slabs to be pile supported as well as those situated on poor ground where deflection, settlement or loading criteria are particularly sensitive issues. Stanford designs and constructs these floors to the latest codes and design methods using traditional bar/fabric or steel fibre reinforcement. Once again reinforcement and construction method is chosen to suit client requirements and numerous facilities have benefited from this construction including Lidl, Heinz, Debenhams, Royal Mail and Airbus UK.

Decking and Hand Cast Floors

All forms of metal and concrete decking systems are catered for by Stanfordís experienced team for the construction of multi or high level floors. High specification upper floors are accommodated including specific surface regularity requirements for two story warehouses and aesthetic direct finishes such as for B&Qís two storey retail outlets.
EMDC Freight Terminal
Using Stanford expertise and automated laying techniques for new M&S freight terminal at EMDC, Castle Donington

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